CrossFit is the most effective exercise plan in the world.

  • Far more than a group fitness class, CrossFit is individual coaching in a group setting.

  • Workouts are different every day; intense; but altered for each participant’s level.

Our group fitness classes are designed to meet you where you are and advance your fitness level, improve your body composition, help you move better, and discover your potential.  

Our classes are not just designed to make you sweat for an hour and send you on your way.  They are part of a weekly, monthly and annual plan to help you develop and move towards your goals. They are also designed with the fact that everyone is starting from a different place and has different aspirations, but really enjoy working out with their friends. 

Every class is led by an expert CrossFit coach, who's committed to making sure you're moving properly, having fun and getting in the best shape of your life.

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  • "The Hunt" Tues/Thurs 5am & 6:30pm

  • Saturday 8am Team Workout

  • Saturday 9am Individual Workout

CrossFit Fundamentals

  • By appointment

Private Training

  • By appointment