Red Wolf CrossFit Membership Agreement


Terms & Conditions


By joining Red Wolf CrossFit and paying for its membership(s) and or services I understand that I am entering into a legally enforceable agreement with Red Wolf CrossFit. You will be enrolled in the program you have selected and is subject to Red Wolf CrossFit’s terms and conditions.


I agree to pay membership fees through Wodify, cash or personal check.  I understand that the terms and conditions of this Agreement will govern all aspects of my participation in each class I take. I also agree to comply with the policies and procedures that you and your instructors may from time-to-time communicate to me.  Prorate to the first billing date does not count towards one month of membership.  Red Wolf CrossFit will provide invoices via email for records.  All services offered by Red Wolf CrossFit are under these terms and conditions unless there is a written agreement between management and the client.


Gym Policies


·       Have Fun and be safe

·       Sign in prior to arriving to class

·       Mechanics, Consistency, Intensity - In that order

·       Be respectful and courteous to fellow members, staff, and equipment

·       Wipe down and stow equipment after use

·       Personal items are to be stowed in the waiting area

·       Proper attire and footwear are required at all times

·       Negative attitudes or outbursts will not be tolerated

·       Additional training outside of the schedule is allowed as long as you fully participate in a class at some point that day



Payment, Automatic Renewal, Freeze & Cancellation Policies


By joining Red Wolf CrossFit you agree that monthly payments will be made by credit card or bank draft authorizations through Wodify, unless otherwise negotiated in writing with management. The client further agrees that, unless you provide Red Wolf CrossFit with prior written notice your enrollment will be automatically renewed at the previously agreed upon rate.   Memberships cannot be prorated after the first full monthly charge.  Monthly, Pre-paid and packaged memberships are non-refundable.  10-session class pack expires in 60 days from date of purchase..  Month-to-Month memberships may be frozen for two 30-day periods during the course of one calendar year.  Freezes or holds are not available for pre-paid or packaged memberships.  Red Wolf CrossFit reserves the right to cancel memberships without notice.


Cancellation of your membership must be made by notifying Red Wolf CrossFit in writing any time during business hours 7-days prior to the membership agreement ending billing date to be canceled from automatic renewal. There are no refunds for membership fees canceled after the 7-day window and Red Wolf CrossFit will not prorate memberships cancelled after the 7-day window elapses.  In the absence of providing Red Wolf CrossFit with written cancellation Notice prior to the 7-day window, I agree to pay a $200 cancellation fee and authorize you to debit my credit, debit card, or checking account in accordance with my prior authorization.


I understand the obligation to pay dues is not dependent on the availability of all the Red Wolf CrossFit’s facilities. Special engagements, repairs and maintenance of some facilities may make it necessary for Red Wolf CrossFit to restrict use of, or close, one or more of the facilities. Fees will not be reduced or suspended during the time when one or more of the facilities are not available.

  • We do not offer refunds for any reason. We cannot place memberships on hold or transfer memberships.
  • Memberships auto-renew (exception: pre-paid memberships) and are billed monthly on the 1st or 15th.
  • You may cancel by emailing no later than 7 days before the next billing date.
  • By signing up for a membership or purchasing products at Red Wolf CrossFit, you are authorizing charges to be made through your account via Wodify billing.