No Sweat Introduction


Are you tired of feeling sick and tired? Are you ready to reach your full potential? 

 If so, we have the right program and a caring, qualified staff to help get you there! We have programs that will allow you to work one-on-one with a coach or in a group setting.  Whatever environment you are searching for and whatever your goals, we can help!

During your introductory assessment, you will learn all about our methodology and our unique application of CrossFit. Not all CrossFit gyms are the same. Unlike McDonald’s, CrossFit is not a franchise. Generally speaking there are some similarities between gyms, but how individual gyms are run – the workout structure, the level of coaching, the energy, and the specific philosophies – vary greatly. You will find that our philosophy is far different than other gyms in Huntington Beach. Red Wolf is founded on the highest levels of service, commitment, and results.

Everyone comes in with a different background and different story. Our supportive community is built on starting you exactly where you are, and then progressively and systematically helping you reach your goals. The session takes about 45 minutes. We’ll cover everything you need to know to begin your fitness journey with us, and start you on the path to get you there.

It’s easy to schedule. Fill out the form below to get started on finding that special way to achieve your goals and find out what makes Red Wolf CrossFit the most unique CrossFit gym in Huntington Beach.


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